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The Difference Between How Wealthy & Not Wealthy People Use Their Money

What's the difference between how wealthy people and not wealthy people use their money? In this week’s video, I break down 3 primary differences that massively affect our future financial situations.

How to Never Be Pigeon-holed in Your Career

Do you think you’re pigeon-holed in your career? Do you have extensive experience in one industry/scope of work and believe you can’t make a change? In this week’s video, I break down why you’re NOT pigeon-holed and what to do about it.

5 Steps for if You're Stuck & Unhappy in Your Career

What do you do if you're unhappy, unchallenged, and unfulfilled in your career? I talk with people every day who have felt like this for weeks, months, and sometimes years. That must change. It's negatively affecting your career and your life.

7 Steps for Success in Anything

What if you could be successful in anything? Would you believe me if I told you there's a 7-step process to do that? Learn how to master any skill-set or knowledge in this week's video.

3 Principles for Building Wealth

What are three simple principles many of the wealthiest people on earth recommend for building wealth? How can we follow their advice and strategies? In this video, we're going to cover 3 principles that will help us build wealth over the long term.

Leadership pt.3: Organizational Leadership

How do we become an organizational leader, a C-suite executive? What are their responsibilities? What must they do and understand?

Leadership pt.2: Team Leadership

How do we become excellent Team Leaders? What must we do differently than the average manager? How do we accelerate our transition from being a contributor to someone who’s leading people?

Leadership pt.1 – Self-Leadership

There are 3 levels of leadership: Self-Leadership, Team Leadership, and Organizational Leadership. This week, we'll cover Self-Leadership: 1. Personal vision, 2. Personal standards, 3. Personal qualities, 4. Iterative evolution & persistence, 5. Internal motivation & resilience.

A Better Understanding of Communication

What causes conflict between people? Why won't others listen to us? Why are we misunderstood? How can we improve our communication? In this week's video, we'll cover some crucial concepts for improving our relationships.

A Simple Framework for Improving Performance

How can we improve our performance, personally and professionally? In this video, I break down a simple 4-part framework for dramatically improving our performance in every area of our lives.

Our Journey from Self-Doubt to Self-Belief

Self-doubt limits us in every area of our lives. What causes self-doubt? How do we overcome it? How do we go from self-doubt to self-belief? This week’s video covers this important journey.

Why & How We Procrastinate (& Its Cost)

In this week’s video, we cover: 1) Why we procrastinate, 2) How this pattern materializes in our lives, 3) How to stop procrastinating, 4) The ultimate cost of chronic procrastination, and 5) Actions to take this week.

How to Maximize Creativity, Intuition, Gut Feelings

Why do we have creative sparks, intuitive ideas, and gut feelings? How can we use them to our advantage?

How to Increase Your Professional Value

How to increase your professional value & make more money — In this video, we cover why we're paid what we're paid, value creation & monetization, creative thinking, and improving our careers.

Multi Perspective and Consequential Thinking

Making strategic decisions in your life & career — In this video, I break down multi-perspective & consequential thinking, which are frameworks that may be combined for successful decision-making.

Pleasure Over Purpose Behavioral Pattern

You'll learn one of the strongest behavioral patterns that determines our lives in this week's video: whether we prioritize pleasure over purpose or purpose over pleasure.

The Options Fallacy (More is Not Better)

In this video, we cover: 1) What is the options fallacy and why do so many people believe having more options is better than fewer? 2) The long-term consequences of perpetual option-hunting, indecision, and a lack of commitment. 3) Quotes from some of the world’s best on the power of focus and saying ‘No’.

6 Requirements for Unlimited Potential

In this video, you'll learn how to think about and define an unlimited potential future, the 6 requirements for an unlimited future, and the 2 biggest limitations that stop most people from getting what they want out of their lives and careers.

How to Focus

In this video, you'll learn: 1) Why focus is a superpower and a major competitive advantage/differentiator. 2) Why most people don’t and can’t focus. 3) The difference between micro-focus and macro-focus. 4) How to begin improving your focus immediately at both the micro and macro level.

3 Biggest Career Mistakes You Must Avoid

In this video, I explain down the 3 biggest career mistakes most professionals make and how to avoid them. There are several major differences between people who are extraordinarily successful & fulfilled with their life & career vs. the average life & career.

Personal Branding & Creating Your Brand

In this video, you'll learn WHAT personal branding really is, WHY it's crucial for your personal & professional success, and HOW you can strategically create your personal brand.

The Better Man Better Woman Habit for Success

What do many of the world's most successful people have in common? In this video, I explain a shared personal quality — a habitual way of thinking & acting — by people like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Oprah Winfrey, Barrack Obama, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sarah Blakely, and many others.

One Principle for Massively Changing Your Life

Learn how to immediately and positively change your life, career & finances — In this video, you'll learn a simple framework and principle for thinking through and making better decisions, which will massively improve every area of your life.

The Most Valuable Quality & Skill in the Marketplace

Learn the most valuable quality and the most valuable skill in the marketplace — self-leadership & influence.

Build Your Career Like a Multi-Million $$$ Business

How to approach building a successful career — Learn how you can apply the same principles and strategies of a multi-million dollar business to your own professional career.