Case Study: How to Change Your Career Now

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Life’s TOO SHORT for No Life, No Growth & Unfulfilling Work


Would You Agree?

Many consultants, bankers, executives and other high achievers work with me because…

  • They don’t feel challenged or fulfilled in their career
  • They have no control over their time or schedule
  • They have no work-life balance
  • They want out ASAP

Has Your Job...
  • Blown up your health routines?
  • Stressed your relationships?
  • Affected your social life?
  • Restricted your growth?
  • Made you... unhappy?

My friend, stressed, unhappy, and unhealthy is no way to live.

Your Career Should AMPLIFY Your Life and...



Give you MEANINGFUL work

Challenge you to GROW every day

Encourage your LIFE outside of work

PAY you what you’re worth (and more)


All while building a fulfilling and wealthy future. And no — that’s not too much to ask.

How I Can Help You


I provide coaching, training, and resources to help you change your career quickly, strategically, and successfully — in 10 weeks!

You receive an end-to-end process for transitioning your career ASAP:

  1. Career Clarity & Targeting

  2. Strategic Positioning

  3. Personal Branding

  4. Professional Networking & Transition Strategy

  5. Interview Preparation

  6. Offer Negotiation


What’s In It for You?

✔️ Transition out of your job 2-3x faster

✔️ Never feel frustrated because everything is step-by-step

✔️ Never again feel stuck or lost in your career

✔️ Learn how to negotiate & earn what you’re worth

✔️ Have total control over your career path & growth

✔️ Finally enjoy your career, love your work & have a life

✔️ Improve your mentality, health, relationships & income

✔️ Be able to help your family & friends in similar situations


How Is This Program Different?


Get the job, not a job


We prioritize people, not portals


End-to-end coaching, training & resources


Most career coaches and recruiters focus on getting you a job, not the job. They focus on keyword optimization for online portals. For many people, that’s enough — but not for you.


Positions are filled ~20% through portals and ~80% through people

What My Clients Say


Augustus S.

"Working with Jamie was nothing short of phenomenal. We accomplished three things: 1) Successfully lateral to a finance sector I had no prior experience in, 2) Land my target job at a leading bank in the city I desired, 3) Completely changed my life through mindset conditioning, lifestyle coaching, and learning how to dominate my future career."

Alyssa C.

"Redstone helped me make the transition across industries and job functions. Their networking and interview training empowered me to walk into each conversation feeling prepared and confident. Changing careers while working full-time can be draining, but after each call Jamie's positivity motivated me to keep working towards my dream job."

Alex N.

"After struggling on my own, I hired Redstone. I successfully transitioned industries and landed a competitive position at a tech company in Manhattan. Nothing was cookie cutter and what I truly valued most was the quality of service and how personalized it was to my situation. Jamie will undoubtedly match your effort and most likely exceed it. You will thank yourself for making the decision."

Where My Clients Worked

A 10-Week Program That Works:


Week 1: Career Clarity & Targeting

Learn how to have a fulfilling and high-paying career. Choose your career path. Identify your target companies and opportunities.

Week 2: Strategic Positioning

Understand exactly what your target companies want and how to strategically market and sell your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Week 3: Personal Branding

Craft a resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter that communicate why you’re the absolute best fit for the opportunity and diferentiate you from everyone.

Week 4: Professional Networking & Transition Strategy

Learn how to create opportunities anywhere for yourself by building relationships with people you don’t know — step-by-step with templates, examples, and tutorials.

Weeks 5-9: Interview Preparation + Networking/Transition

Prepare yourself to dominate any and all interviews. Feel unshakably confident and ready for anything. Know how to communicate why you’re the best fit for the role.

Week 10: Offer Negotiation

Learn how to never leave money on the table again. Earn what you’re worth (and more). Fewer than 15% of people ever negotiate. My clients have negotiated an extra $5,000 – $65,000+.


What Stops People from Making a Change?


“Don’t know what I want.”

"Don’t have time right now.”

“Don’t know how to get what I want.”

“I’ll worry about it at the end of the year (or some other date).”


This 10 week program solves all of these for you.




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