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I work with you to transform your life & career and build an extraordinary future of fulfillment, freedom & wealth


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I work with unsatisfied business professionals who want a more challenging, fulfilling & wealthier future 


✔️ Define your vision, blueprint & strategy for building your extraordinary life & career

✔️ Pursue your greatest potential by mastering your personal performance

✔️ Successfully transition your career to a more challenging & fulfilling path

✔️ Career acceleration through performance & negotiation while making significantly more money

✔️ Systematized personal finances & long-term strategy for financial freedom

✔️ Accelerated personal growth & become happier, healthier & wealthier

✔️ Have a deep feeling of success, fulfillment & freedom


My Promises


1. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (100% REFUND) — If you're ever unsatisfied with your investment in me or my program, I refund every dollar.

2. EVERYTHING YOU NEED — An all-inclusive, end-to-end program for successfully building your desired life & career.


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"How to Build an Exciting Career and a Fulfilling Life While Making Significantly More Money."


Hi, I'm Jamie

If you're unsatisfied with your life & career, you're in the right place.

I understand how it feels to not deeply care about your work, to just go through the motions, and to slip into career complacency.

I have a proven 3-step process that's successfully helped 100+ ambitious business professionals to build more challenging, fulfilling & significantly wealthier lives & careers.

My mission is to help you achieve your greatest potential.

No more settling for comfort and complacency.


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And other Fortune 500 / small & medium companies

5 Stars

Augustus S.

"Working with Jamie was nothing short of phenomenal. We accomplished three things: 1) Successfully lateral to a finance sector I had no prior experience in, 2) Land my target job at a leading bank in the city I desired, 3) Completely changed my life through mindset conditioning, lifestyle coaching, and learning how to dominate my future career."

Alyssa C.

"Redstone helped me make the transition across industries and job functions. Their networking and interview training empowered me to walk into each conversation feeling prepared and confident. Changing careers while working full-time can be draining, but after each call Jamie's positivity motivated me to keep working towards my dream job."

Alex N.

"After struggling on my own, I hired Redstone. I successfully transitioned industries and landed a competitive position at a tech company in Manhattan. Nothing was cookie cutter and what I truly valued most was the quality of service and how personalized it was to my situation. Jamie will undoubtedly match your effort and most likely exceed it. You will thank yourself for making the decision."

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My Background


✔️ Successfully coached & trained 100+ business professionals

✔️ I’ve achieved what I coach & train (I’m not an ex-recruiter; I was on your side of the table)

✔️ Previously an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York City (< 4% acceptance)

✔️ 1st in my university’s history to network into Goldman Sachs investment banking

✔️ Certified in Business Mastery by Robbins Research International (Tony Robbins’ company)

✔️ Certified Life Coach by Robbins-Madanes Training (Tony Robbins’ company)


No More Settling for Comfort & Complacency

You're unsatisfied because you want more — more growth, more challenge, more fulfillment, more money — and there's nothing wrong with that.

The only wrong decision is to settle and not pursue what you want.

You deserve to build a challenging, fulfilling and wealthy future, to achieve your greatest potential.

I understand how it feels to not deeply care about your work, to just go through the motions, and fall into career complacency. But I have a proven 3-step program for building the life and career you desire. I've successfully worked with 100+ ambitious business professionals — from global senior executives to recent graduates and everyone in-between — to advance their lives and careers. You can do the same:

  1. Get your FREE case study
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  3. We work together

Do not settle for comfort, complacency, mediocrity, or anything less than your greatest potential.

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